As a family business, it is our passion to get to know you and your ultimate vision for your space. Our first step will be to sit with you, look deeply at inspirations you bring along, and ask carefully selected questions that provide an opportunity for us to get to know your dreams, your budget, and your timeline. Our options available in our showroom and expertise are at your disposal to help begin the ideal remodel! And don't be shy! We are eager to answer all the questions you have at this time, and throughout your remodeling journey with us.



Once we are confident in the ideal vision for your home, we work to create a digital design with the actual measurements from your space. We employ this visual component to not only clarify at this stage, but to further ignite your excitement and security in the project moving forward. See the colors, blends of patterns and textures, and overall layout come to life!



The beauty of Eternal Stone is that we continue to pursue your dream 'in house', cutting out the middleman as our expert craftsmen put saw to wood and let the sawdust fly as your project is executed with our own sweat. When it comes to the tile and countertops, our team of professionals is ready to take the greatest care in edging the stone to suit your home. Our pride is in not only designing for you, but seeing your initial vision intricately crafted into reality in our workshop.



When the edges have been softened and the cabinets sanded, our craftsmen load up their care-driven work and bring it to your home for installation at your convenience. We seek to diligently complete your project within the timeline most honoring your needs and this is further executed in the time we take to gently place each part of our work together in your space according to your specifications. And don't worry about the clean-up! Your room will be left not only with your dreams realized, but clean dreams at that.


Warranty – We would never install and forget! With our services, we provide confidence in our execution by ensuring your investment. See our Cabinet Warranty page for more information.

“Don’t hassle with multiple contractors. We invite you to come discover the beauty, function and value of Eternal Stone Custom Kitchens & Baths today!” – Liz Hernández